Recycled Scrap Metal Into A Replica Of Batman's Batmobile!

Although categorized as a superhero and synchronized with other legendary comic characters, Batman does not have any superpowers. Money and brain, that's what he used. This factor makes it a bit more realistic than Superman or Green Lantern, and the reason why the Dark Knight is one of the most popular fictional characters. As a superhero that does not have superpowers, Batman uses sophisticated gadgets to quell criminals. One of his most famous cars is Batman's Batmobile. This car is designed to be a tough car that can run on all terrain. High-tech super-cool ride superhero Gotham City origin, Batman, not just once just wowed the views of the world's automotive connoisseurs. Not infrequently also Batman's advanced Batmobile vehicle is used as inspiration for the creativity of the hands of 'great' creators who helped produce extraordinary works. One of the latest phenomenal works lately is the emergence of a super cool replica of the Tumbler Batmobile in Shanghai, China. The great replica made by the businessman named Li Weilei is made specifically with the shape resembling a Bruce Wayne ride in the movie 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2'. With just two months and a cost of £ 7,000, Li Weilei assisted by five of his friends managed to 'juggle' a 10-ton heavy iron into this fantastic masterpiece. This car is made complete with similar details of the Batmobile, such as door openings and seating composition in the cabin that characterizes Batman toughness figure. There are only a few shortcomings of this car, which has no engine and parts that cannot walk wheels. In other words, this Chinese-made Tumbler Batmobile will only serve as a display only. Apparently, the creative youth team from China was not just this once made a replica of this cool car. Li claims that they have made one dozen Batman cars, two of which are currently in their workshop located in Shanghai and the rest are on display in other cities in China.

Super Ghost Rider Strength That Never Appears In the Movie!

Ghost Rider may be said as one of the superheroes whose story is rarely really raised to the public. Imagine, from 2007, only 2 times the film was appointed in 2007 and 2011 then. So, in a movie that's only 2 hours, Ghost Rider seems only a little strength. But that does not mean the original power of Ghost Rider is just that much. Here are some brief explanations about the superpower Ghost Rider that never appeared in the movie! 1. His vehicle is not just a motorcycle, he has a car! As the name, Ghost Rider, we must imagine if he only has a Ghost Rider's Hell Cycle as his vehicle. But it turns out that he also has a car from the fire. The shape is similar to Dodge Charger in 1969. 2. Strong lifting of strange objects Maybe Ghost Rider shows his strength lifting heavy objects in only several times. But if in the comic, he often really lifted the car to be thrown at his enemy. 3. Able to create a weapon from fire Ghost Rider does not have any special weapons. Fairly using fire, he can imitate the form of shotgun weapons and other sadistic weapons! 4. Have a breath, urinate and ease from the fire! If fire breath has already been shown through the trailer right? But did you know that he can urinate from fire? Not only urinate, he also able to spit a fire! 5. Able to transformed into a giant He had events in the comic that Ghost Rider fights against Thor. Because of the power of God of Lightning, Ghost Rider is transformed into a giant! 6. Fast and agile! Ghost Rider was once chasing Thor's hammer! And he got it! Then finally Thor hit by the Ghost Rider! 7. Ghost Rider is able to know the sins of people Ghost Rider is able to know someone’s sins to what level. So if you sin a lot, meet the Ghost Rider and you will meet hell! 8. Able to turn the dead This incident has occurred in the comic Ghost Rider Vol.7 in 2011. Ghost Rider story once raised the "undead" in Nicaragua. Wow so cool! 9. Immune from any attack The same immunity as Ghost Rider can be spelled almost the same as the hulk. The difference is the more Hulk’s tortured, the more he is angry, and the more Hulk’s immunity increase. If Ghost Rider does not need to be angry, he is already immune! 10. Lost limbs can grow again Apparently not just Deadpool that can grow lost limbs. In the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the head of Ghost Rider is ever broken down by Jack O'Lantern. But apparently, his head appeared again!

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